Anna for RIBA Council

AnnaW 6

Today we caught up with Anna Webster, one of our talented Architects and a vital member of Webb Yates Circular Economy Taskforce, set up to answer the call of the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Declaration. Anna is running for RIBA Council alongside a handful of fellow ACANs to push the climate agenda within the RIBA.

Why are you running for RIBA Council?

I’m standing for council alongside a group of individuals from Architects Climate Action Network with the goal of collectively pushing climate agenda within the RIBA.

Who are the other ACAN candidates?

Running for a London seat is Alasdair Dixon, Seb Lomas and Myself, with Joe Giddings running for a national seat and Duncan Baker Brown for South West.

Why are you running collectively?

We hope that bringing individuals to council who are already taking direct action to address the twin crises of climate and ecological breakdown we can influence the RIBA to do the same.

What experience can you bring to council?

During the last 4 years at Webb Yates I have led on a range of projects as well as worked to form our Circular Economy Taskforce. We have architects, structural, civil and building services engineers so I am well supported to draw on the broad knowledgebase of our transdisciplinary team.

Also, my role within Architects Climate Action Network will give me opportunity to represent the voices of the many energetic and inspiring individuals that form this rapidly growing and dynamic group.

What can the RIBA do about climate change?

The RIBA sets the professional and educational standards within architecture, so it is their responsibility to support Architects in their role of aligning the construction industry with planetary limits.

The RIBA can ensure that climate literacy is fully embedded in university curriculum and CPDs.

The RIBA can influence government and local authorities to tailor building regulations and planning policy to the climate crisis.

The RIBA can address the systematic barriers that stifle equality within our profession. Climate justice and social justice are inextricably linked, and the RIBA needs to address these issues together.

How can people vote?

Voting is open to RIBA chartered members and opens on the 14th July for a three-week period. Historically very few people vote in these elections so yours really does count – please use it to vote for me!

What if I am not a RIBA member but I want to help?

I’m trying to get my message out there as widely as possible, so if you’re not eligible to vote, but still want to see a construction industry that has a positive impact on human and planetary health, you can help by sharing my message amongst your network. Thank you for your support!

By voting and helping Anna securing a London seat she will be able to help the RIBA make the necessary changes to tackle the challenges of our time. Give Anna your vote.