Planning approval for Cambridge hempcrete house

0221 Rear Courtyard Garden view 1600x1083
0221 Living Room towards study 1464x1100
0221 Section 1600x1067

A new addition to a Victorian house in Cambridge made from hempcrete, a mix of hemp fibre with a lime binder has now been given the go-ahead. 

The existing house, which will be remodelled with an added extension as part of the project, is in the De Freville Conservation Area of Cambridge. The design consists of a series of projecting volumes, inspired by the original bay windows, formed from the composite material hempcrete.

Plans for the scheme include three gently sloping roofs, which rise over the main internal spaces, with the ceiling stepped to reference existing Victorian detailing on the house. The ground floor will feature brick flooring throughout.

Working alongside Jonathan Tuckey Designs, all structural design will be made by Webb Yates.

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