Building Foundations: Luna

Life Drawing 1

Today we catch up with our lovely JUG (Jack Russell x Pug) who works tirelessly as our Wellbeing Co-paw-dinator. Its not an easy job… 

How long have you been working for the company?

I’ve been working at Interrobang, Webb Yates Engineers’ transdisciplinary architecture and engineering arm for 6 months. I am very lucky because they are an active bunch so I have quickly become chair of the lunch time running club (although on hot days that has become run-to-the-park-and-lie-in-the-sun club).

I can imagine today was an especially tiresome commute to Shoreditch with all the part time dog workers making their way to the office. Where do you travel to work from? 

I live near Broadway Market so it’s an easy walk to work through my favourite place Haggerston Park. Some mornings it’s quite hard to leave the field, hanging out with my friends on the woodland walk and the animals of Hackney City Farm, but I’m always pleased to get into the office and see the team.

What are your views on climate change and what are you doing to mitigate your impact?

I live with my owners on a boat and do my best to pick up plastic bottles that are left carelessly on the street. I hope that by helping to build sustainable architecture we can make the world a better place. 

You recently moved from the opposite side of the office. Who has better chat- the structural, civil or building services engineers? 

I get on with everyone in the office, you don’t mention the admin team who are great to sit next to! I’ll accept scratches from *almost anyone as long as they are not on a skate board. 

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Living in London is not cheap, so sadly I have no choice but to take on a second job. I had my first shift working as a part time life model at WYE life drawing class last night. 

What are your key responsibilities as Wellbeing Co-paw-dinator?

Everyone needs a break from the stresses and strains of work. Sometimes a belly rub and a quick game of tug or fetch can do wonders for mental health. I find Tuesday afternoons are particularly busy for me to act as a furry hot water bottle and provide moral support to my colleagues.