Building Foundations with Seb Roche and Io Grivea

BF interns2

They are both studying engineering and recently joined Webb Yates London office to undertake their internships.

We catch up with Seb Roche and Io Grivea about their career choice, their ambitions for the future and how working at Webb Yates differs from their studies in the latest Building Foundations.

Seb Roche

Why did you choose a career in engineering?

With my parents and my older brother all being engineers in some form, I feel it’s in the genetics somewhere. I have always been a mathematical and problem-solving person who enjoyed a challenge from a young age, so engineering was naturally my first interest and it has been that way ever since.

Engineering allows me to generate impressive solutions that will benefit society. I have always seen the Millau Viaduct as a fantastic example of this, going above and beyond the brief to generate something iconic.

Where are you studying? How does working in a practice differ from your university experience?

I am studying Civil Engineering at the University of Nottingham. I have recently completed the second of a five-year degree course which will see me achieve a masters with an industrial placement year.

The closest comparison between working in a practice and my university experience would be my group design projects, but even these are very different. The main difference being the real responsibilities and complexities which come which real-life projects, and the privilege of working on these alongside professionals in their field.

Webb Yate Engineers has allowed me to apply the concepts I have learnt at university to real projects. This makes the hours of study worth it and is particularly motivating going forward into my next year of study.

Tell us about the support and training WYE offers?

The support I’ve had has been fantastic. The team has been very welcoming and have taken significant time out of their day to assign, explain and assist with tasks set.

It is obviously not just about the teaching of software, it is seeing how engineers view problems and collaborate to generate innovative and highly sustainable solutions.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I would like to work on major infrastructure projects to help tackle the current climate crisis. Whether this be new transport networks, construction methods or new forms of generating clean energy, engineers will be required to design and deliver these projects.

Another future ambition is leading the design of large, low carbon structures. A great example of this is my current work designing a timber roof for the new Southend United FC stadium, which I thank WYE for letting me be a part of.


Io Grivea

Why did you choose a career in engineering?

I have always had an affinity towards mathematics and physics, but in my last high school years, this was combined with a passion for design. Structural engineering proved to be the perfect meeting point between the two – and formed the ideal challenge for me to take on in university.

Where are you studying? How does working in a practice differ from your university experience?

I am currently entering my 4th year in the Meng Engineering and Architectural Design course at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. The course that I study is unique in that it heavily implements a multidisciplinary approach to the built environment, through the simultaneous study of structural engineering and architectural design. As expected nevertheless, a lot of the practical elements of the engineering industry are not thoroughly represented in engineering education. While I have touched upon construction, structural modelling and drawing, and structural detailing in my last 3 years, I am happy to say that my experience with Webb Yates so far has emphatically enhanced my confidence in these areas.

Tell us about the support and training WYE offers?

I very quickly became involved in a variety of projects, of different scales and development stages. I have so far completed tasks involving RC detailing of slabs and staircases, GSA simulations of slabs and roofs, and structural diagramming. I am always supported by a member of the structural team, that provides guidance through every task.

What are your ambitions for the future?

Upon my graduation, I hope to enter the building industry as either an architect or a structural engineer – yet to be decided! I hope that the insight I will gain through this internship at Webb Yates Engineers will make me decide quicker.