Campbell Park Pavilion wins planning approval

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Campbell Park Pavilion, a new 900m2 multi-use space for Central Milton Keynes Council and The Parks Trust, has won planning permission.

The pavilion, which we collaborated on with award-winning architecture practice, Stanton Williams, will sit on a ridge between the park’s existing events plateau and its amphitheatre. It will house facilities for the local community and council, including a café, office space, and a hall which will be used for theatre music and dance.

Located at the heart of Milton Keynes, Campbell Park is a 100-acre landscape with formal gardens, water features, woodland and open pasture. The design proposals aim to enhance the Events Plateau, located in the Southwest corner of Campbell Park, creating a new community centre which will become a focal point for local residents and draw year-round visitors to the park. It is part of the extensive development of the Campbell Park district, which will bring many more residents to the area.

The design proposals aim to bring the different functions together as two buildings under one roof, following the sweep of the Amphitheatre. Its location on the ridgeline gives view across the park and offers shelter to visitors throughout the year.

The structure is formed of a lattice of straight timber beams for the roof that are arranged to allow the ridge to span over the large spaces within by acting as an angled truss.We worked closely with Stanton Williams to generate the geometry of the roof and the final result is both simple and impressive. With most of the roof constructed with only 6 sizes of glulam beam and exposed wherever possible, the interiors surpass the original expectations and create an open but ‘warm’ space.