Guinness World Record for the largest ever Lego structure

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As part of the global launch event for the new Land Rover Discovery a 13m high Lego clad replica of Tower Bridge was constructed, setting a Guinness World Record for the largest ever Lego structure with over 5 million individual bricks!

The structural works carried out by Webb Yates Engineers encompassed several elements – the Tower Bridge structure and the replica of the Land Rover BAR racing yacht which passed beneath the bridge as part of the event. We worked closely with Set Square Staging to produce a design for the tower and boat frames that were both buildable and transportable, while meeting the client’s visual and practical requirements. In addition to withstanding wind speeds of up to 25m/s, the steel frame towers were also designed to carry adventurer Bear Grylls abseiling from the top walkway! The unique and brittle nature of the Lego cladding on these structures meant that limiting the deflection of any individual member under wind loading was a key and often critical aspect of design.

We also provided design checks on the hydraulic bridge built by Star Events to ensure that the cantilever bridge arms would not deflect excessively as a 2.2T car sat at the tip, as well as the staging for the river below the bridge.

Watch the video here: Land Rover Discovery.