Hackney Design Awards

Hackney award

The night was a great success for Webb Yates Engineers. Of their two shortlisted projects, Hackney Marshes Centre was the winner at the Hackney Design Award.

Commenting on this project, the judges said "The Hackney Marshes Centre is a building that feels at one with its setting. The long low-lying building complements the expansiveness of the marshes and the horizon. The woodland at either end of the building locks it into its site mitigating its sense of isolation.

"This is a building that illustrates the value of architecture, showing how joined up thinking can create a seamless integration of form, function, structure, services and fabric underpinned by a strong concept. The architecture is tough. It has to be to take the knocks and bangs of hundreds of Sunday league footballers but it somehow still manages to be a really attractive building to be in, to be on, to walk through, and to look at."