Heathrow Old Control Tower Demolition

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Last iconic remnants of 'old' Heathrow being demolished this week.

As part of Heathrow's transformation, one of the last iconic remnants of 'old' Heathrow, the Old Control Tower, is being demolished this week. Webb Yates Engineers assessed the building and advised on the most suitable method of demolition to maintain stability in the remaining structure. The project posed a number of challenges including removal of asbestos, maintaining existing services beneath the site and limiting the amount of airborne dust on the airport site.

After the end of World War II, ownership of "London Airport" was passed to the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the site began to be developed as a commercial airport. The Old Control Tower was built between 1951 and 1955 as part of the original "Central Building", housing state of the art surveillance and radar equipment allowing planes to land every 2 minutes for the first time. Over the years the airport expanded, changed its name to Heathrow Airport and, following the construction of Terminal 5, a new, taller control tower was built opening in 2007. Since then the Old Control Tower has been used as office space but is now being demolished to make way for the new access roads and car parks as part of the construction of Terminal 2.

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