International Women’s Day

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Today is International Women Day – a day to celebrate women’s achievements and raise awareness of the continued efforts needed to build a gender-equal future.

At Webb Yates Engineers we are committed to increasing diversity and representation, championing equality and helping to amplify the voices of all the brilliant women in our office. Meet some of our female co-workers as they share their thoughts on what this day means and who’s inspired them throughout their career.  

Eleonora Regni, Senior Structural Engineer

International Women's Day is to me a day to celebrate women's achievements and to raise awareness of gender equality. Who has inspired me in my career? My mum! She is a police officer that dedicates all herself to her professional career with passion and devotion, alongside being an impeccable mother and the queen of the house! I wish I had her energy!

Malin Persson, Marketing Coordinator

Being a woman means being free to be whoever you want to be, and today is a celebration of that as well as raising awareness of gender equality. I love being a woman and I wouldn’t swop it for a split second. There are several inspirational, strong and amazing women that surrounds me, and I feel grateful to have them in my life.

Donna Gage, Practice Manager

It’s hard to pinpoint a person who inspired me in this career since I sort of just fell into it by accident! My real inspirations are all the women who shunned a career that was expected of them and decided to pursue a craft. I have huge respect for all the basket weavers, potters, and other makers out there, making a living from their passion!

Marine Lamagat, HR Manager

IWD to me means celebrating all the women in the world (at every level) for what we achieved, fought for in the past and also for what we will do in the future for our interests, equality, respect etc.

All the women in the world have been inspiring me throughout my life, and not only my career. Every woman should be able to choose the life they want to live, to be independent if they decide to, to fight for their rights and have a voice. All those women who are fighting prejudices, or unfair rules and laws in order to live in a fairer world are inspiring me every day.

Chloe Newmann, Senior Structural Engineer

For me IWD is about celebrating women’s achievements, both past and present, and a reminder of women’s struggles, both past and present. I don’t think I could point to one woman who has inspired me throughout my career, but I feel grateful to have worked alongside other female engineers who I can look up to and learn from. I think it’s really important to have representation in all roles and all levels of management.   


In honour of today’s celebrations, we also revisit history and highlight some of the most famous female engineers of our time.

Sarah Guppy (1770-1852) was an English engineer and the first woman to patent a bridge back in 1811. Emily Warren Roebling (1843-1903) was responsible for one of the USA’s most famous landmarks – the Brooklyn Bridge. Hattie T. Scott Peterson (1913–1993) is believed to be the first African-American woman to gain a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. Did you know that Waterloo Bridge was built by women in World War 2? There were nearly 24,000 female construction workers during the war.