The David Brownlow Theatre wins RIBA South Award

Features: David Brownlow Theatre

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The David Brownlow Theatre for Horris Hill School has taken home a RIBA South Award!  We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Jonathan Tuckey Design on the structural scheme for the project.

The 150-seat theatre is constructed from cross-laminated timber with cement/wood fibre cladding panels supported by a reinforced concrete raft. A large, engineered portico which stands as a distinct but related structure in front of the theatre serves to activate the space in front. The material becomes part of the building’s careful calibration between the campus and its wooded setting. Spruce was sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and pre-cut to allow the building form to be assembled on site.

Located on a gently sloping site, the required retaining wall to the rear elevation doubles up as an exposed concrete bench for the students. Inside, the timber structure is left exposed and augmented by a veil of beech battens, with Viroc used for the floor.