The Growing Space shortlisted for an AJ Small Projects Award

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We're please to announce that the Growing Space is shortlisted for an AJ Small Projects Award!

The new lightweight, prefabricated timber ‘Therapeutic Horticulture Centre’ for the community at Cody Dock was designed following community engagement by Master of Architecture students at the University of Westminster. We’re pleased to have helped realise the design through structural engineering support.

The community hub is formed using an internally exposed prefabricated Douglas Fir frame. The triangulated design gives in plane stiffness to both the walls and roof enabling the inverted folded plate roof to span the 6m over the space with no further props or ties. The inverted roof also allows for rainwater harvesting, feeding the irrigation within the space.

The walls span between and cantilever from the discrete concrete pad foundations. To reduce embodied carbon, a minimal number of discrete precast concrete pad footings were formed using waste concrete from the batching plant next door. Triangular timber fillets with through bolts were used to transfer the forces at nodes, simplifying these potentially complex connections, aiding buildability and reducing cost.