Webb Yates Cycle to MIPIM 2022


In early March three of our team members, Andy Yates, Anna Beckett and Rob Nield are taking part in this year’s Cycle to MIPIM. Over seven days, the ride covers a 1,438km relay from London to MIPIM in Cannes to fundraise for Club Peloton and their main beneficiary Coram, the UK’s oldest and first children’s charity with a brilliant independent adoption service.

We asked them a few questions ahead of the ride.

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Having already taken part in several Cycle to MIPIM, and now Ride Captains, give one piece of advice for new riders.

Andy: “Make sure you are comfortable on your bike for long periods of time. A lot of people spend a lot of time training and focussing on their legs / fitness and worrying about the pace. Doing some cycling is fairly important (obs!) but usually the reasons that riders struggle is not about their legs. Frequent issues are shoulders, back, neck, wrists, knees and feet. The speed is not too high and riding in a peloton makes a big difference to our overall pace, so don’t worry about that. But do make sure you are comfortable on your bike (a bike fit is a great idea if you can) and preferably do some long rides (ideally on back to back days) at whatever pace but to see how your body overall feels.

Anna: “Your legs can do much more than your brain thinks they can. And there’s nothing wrong with having a good cry on day 3.”


How are you preparing for the ride?

Andy: “I’m doing a mixture of short training intervals and longer endurance rides. And I’m also trying to sort out and make sure I’ve got enough kit to cope with 7 days on the bike.”

Anna: "Having done Cycle to MIPIM a few times before I’m going for my tried and tested combination of spin classes in the week and long rides at the weekend in all weather conditions."

Rob: “Setting the alarm for 4.30am to get the miles in on my turbo trainer before the kids are up and the chaos of the day starts. I’m also busy drumming up as much sponsorship as possible to help the great charities we are supporting.”


What are you most looking forward to?

Andy: “2 things; firstly, the camaraderie of all of us working together to get to Cannes. There will be highs and there will be lows and it is a tremendous feeling (afterwards!) when we all work together to get through the low points.

And secondly, coming over the (almost) final hill in the south of France and seeing the sea; it is quite special to cycle across the length of France, from north to south coast.”

Anna: "The teamwork, the amazing scenery and the first beer when we get to Cannes!"

Rob: “All of it - but mostly finishing!”


What do you think will be most difficult?

Andy: “Dealing with the lack of sleep and getting motivated to get back on the bike every day. Each morning seems to take more and more coffee!”

Anna: "The early starts! I’m a morning person but Cycle to MIPIM starts are really early!"

Rob: “Being a Cycle to MIPIM rookie my naivety is my secret weapon, so I won’t know until I’m there and by then it’s too late. Until that point everything is rosy!”


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