What's on site: Webb Yates Engineers Site Photos Competition

Aldi Stratford Road Pipes for underfloor heating within concrete floor slab
York House Facade LS
The Force is strong with the Tower Bridge Court team JG
Steeeeeeel DC
Coppets Wood Soldier props to block F slab
J2571 Bath Bridge The Truss

If you ever wondered how a building site looks like behind all that scaffolding, we got the answer!

Our long-running Site Photos Competition invites our staff to enter their best progress photos of a Webb Yates Engineers' project.

Here is a glimpse of our latest winning entries which include a truss for Bath Bridge, a Jedi looking picture from Tower Bridge Court and pipes for underfloor heating within concrete floor slab on Aldi Stratford Road.


Photo credits:

  1. Aldi Stratford Road, Chloe Newmann
  2. York House, Lucy Savage
  3. Tower Bridge Court, John Gerrard
  4. Steel, Dylan Chatterton
  5. Coppetts Wood, Dylan Chatterton
  6. Bath Bridge, Chloe Newmann