When is Engineering Architecture?

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Continue the debate with Steve after you watch the video: When is Engineering, Architecture on Vimeo.

"In terms of architecture, structure and design, this session looks at whether (structural) honesty implies (architectural) integrity? Finally, does knowing how a particular building stands up to improve and enhance your appreciation of its architecture? Is unexpressed structure engineeringly clever, or architecturally deceitful?
This is one of the debates in ManTownHuman's Critical Subjects Summer School which was a week-long opportunity for some of the keenest young design students - from UK and across the world - to engage in a series of intellectual, architectural and urban design challenges facilitated by leading names in the field."
Austin Williams, Director, Future Cities Project; Associate Professor in Architecture at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

This debate was sponsored and held in the offices of Arup Associates in London.
Originated by Future Cities Project and filmed by FCP Ltd and Oktoberworks