Bath Quays Bridge

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Bath Quays Bridge - Webb Yates Engineers
Bath Quays Bridge - Webb Yates Engineers

In collaboration with Paris-based Marc Mimram Architecture et Associes, we are creating the first new river crossing in central Bath for a century. The bridge provides a link at one of the longest stretches of river in Bath currently without a crossing point. To encourage sustainable transport and promote health and well being, we are creating a strategic link in a network of welcoming, useful and enjoyable pedestrian and cycle routes throughout the city.

In order to create a low-lying structure, respectful of the heritage of the city and in response to the historical significance of water in its history, the bridge is made from gently undulating steel vierendeel trusses linked transversally by “t” shaped cross members supporting a natural stone deck. The deck curves both in plan and section, sinuously connecting desire lines and quietly gesturing to the River Avon below.

The bridge is composed of two spans, with the north abutment and central pier on piled foundations and the south abutment supported on a new flood defence wall. The north and south landings tie into planned developments known as Bath Quays that will see this area of Bath regenerated to create new homes and workspaces overlooking the river.