4-6 New Inn Broadway

Tags: mixed use, concrete, new build

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4-6 New Inn Broadway - Webb Yates Engineers

4-6 New Inn Broadway is a mixed-use development in South Shoreditch, that comprises offices on the first to fourth floors and a mixed-use public space in the ground floor.

The remains of the foundations of what was the first polygonal Elizabethan playhouse, ‘The Theatre’, lie below the site. In celebration of this, the ground floor is designed to host exhibitions, classes or workshops with a Shakespearean theme. The space features a viewing panel for the ruins below.

Our structural design for the scheme comprises a reinforced concrete frame on piled foundations. The first floor is a reinforced concrete structure consisting of diagonal beams in a waffle pattern with a reinforced concrete slab to allow the exhibition space to be free of columns.

To give the client an income stream, the offices were designed to be flexible for future tenants, and the exhibition space was designed to be open and inclusive, flexible enough to accommodate a variety of events while displaying the archaeological remains present on the site.