New Oak

Tags: residential, timber, new build

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New Oak timber roof
New Oak timber roof
New Oak interior
New Oak exterior
New Oak glued composite timber roof with strut supports
New Oak detail
New Oak timber roof

This 250m2 house located at Shiplake near Henley was constructed entirely of timber. The floors used trussed joist construction and the walls were constructed with oriented strand board sheathed stud. The wall units were factory fabricated, brought to site and erected and were used as stressed skin diaphragm elements to support the large cantilevers at the eaves. The main lounge is a two storey high space and has an extensive oak feature roof. This comprised a two way spanning glued composite and developed to take support from the walls surrounding the room on all four sides (whereas a normal timber structure would only span in one direction). One side of the roof was propped against the other with thin timber poles. The location of these poles was determined from stress analysis of the strapped rafters.