New Oak

Tags: residential, timber, new build

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New Oak timber roof
New Oak timber roof
New Oak interior
New Oak exterior
New Oak glued composite timber roof with strut supports
New Oak detail
New Oak timber roof

Constructed entirely of timber, this two-storey, four-bedroom house near Henley-on-Thames combines a prefabricated timber structure with a striking bespoke oak lattice feature roof overlooking a dramatic double-height living space.

The stressed skin roof is a two-way spanning glued composite, designed to take support from all four walls surrounding the room. Once side of the roof was propped against the other with thin timber poles, which were placed according to a stress analysis of the strapped rafters.  

The roof was assembled on the ground on site and then lifted into position on the timber-frame.

Combining tailored elements with a prefabricated structure achieved the quality of bespoke craftsmanship, whilst keeping within the cost, programme and logistical limits.